James Adelman

Assistant Professor [NREM]
Dept:Natural Resource Ecology And Management
Office:201 Science 2
2310 Pammel Dr
Ames IA
Area of expertise: Disease Ecology, Ecological Immunology, Physiological Ecology

I am a disease ecologist broadly interested in how variation in organismal traits influences population-level processes. Specifically, I am interested in how individual variation in immune and behavioral responses to infection alter the transmission and evolution of wildlife pathogens. I incorporate techniques from immunology, eco-physiology, and animal behavior to answer two main questions at the interface of physiology and ecology: (1) Why, mechanistically and evolutionarily, do individuals vary in their immune and behavioral responses to infection? and (2) How does this variation shape pathogen transmission and evolution? Although I focus mainly on songbirds, I strive to collaborate widely across taxa. Research themes include heterogeneous responses to infection;
diseases at the wild-domestic interface; and organismal biology and landscape ecology.