Jeanne Serb

Chair & DOGE
Dept:Ecology/Evolution & Organismal Biol-AGLS
Office:245 Bessey
2200 Osborn Dr
Ames IA

My research program focuses on the origin and evolution of complex traits. My lab seeks to identify and understand the genetic and environmental factors involved in phenotypic change of novel complex traits in invertebrate systems. We use a variety of tools including DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, molecular phylogenetic analyses, morphometrics, and developmental biology techniques. Our work attempts to integrate the fields of evolutionary biology and developmental biology to broadly train students in the field of evolutionary developmental biology. Research includes examination of morphological and behavioral trait evolution in scallops, eye development and evolution, molecular evolution of the visual protein Opsin, using network visualization and comparative genomics to explore gene networks, and controlling photoreceptor development.