Steven Hall

Assistant Professor [EEOBS]
Dept:Ecology Evolution & Organismal Biol-LAS
Office:133 Bessey
2200 Osborn Dr
Ames IA

Research in my lab takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding patterns and processes of organic matter decomposition, greenhouse gas production, and nutrient cycling across broad range of scales, from soil aggregates to watersheds. Our work spans a diverse suite of ecosystems, including tropical rainforests, urban streams, and agricultural landscapes. We are particularly interested in exploring biogeochemical processes at the transition between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, especially in systems that blur traditional boundaries between land and water. Research themes include impacts of climate change on soil organic matter dynamics; exploring coupled abiotic/biotic mechanisms of decomposition; land use impacts on nitrogen cycling across the atmosphere/plant/soil/stream continuum; exploring new applications of stable isotopes (natural abundance and tracers) in ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry.